MIB2MP Features Take a sneak peek !

MIB2MP is the right solution to leverage your System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) platform and enable SNMP network devices monitoring.
Take a few minutes to discover how MIB2MP can help you to easily and quickly build the tailored management pack you need.

  • Get the free MIB2MP studio

    The MIB2MP Studio will help you to graphically and easily build your SNMP Management Pack. It's completely free and you can create as many management pack as you need to fulfill your network device monitoring needs.

  • Integrated MIB browser

    The integrated MIB browser will load and parse the MIB files you want to use to build your management pack. Just load the files and you can intuitively browse, search and use the OIDs included in your MIB files.

  • Build and test your rules

    Build your trap/probe based rules and monitors and directly test them against your SNMP devices connected to your lan. MIB2MP Studio provides a builtin SNMP tester that will make you save a lot of time in testing.

  • Instantly generate your Management Packs !

    Our Management Pack Generator allows you to convert your projects into SCOM 2007 R2 or SCOM 2012 management pack. It just requires 2 clicks and a few seconds to get your ready-to-use SNMP Management Pack !