MIB2MP pricing is clear: you only pay for the management packs you generate.

Below are presented our pricing plans. We also propose enterprise agreements for high volumes and resellers.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us!

Choose your plan


  • MIB2MP Studio and updates

  • Unlimited project creation

  • Trial Management Pack *

  • Management pack

  • Support offer

(*) Trial Management Packs are designed for testing purposes only. They are fully functionnal and can only contain a reduced number of items

You need 5 or more managements packs to monitor your network devices


  • 5
  • 5 or more

  • 1 ticket offered every 5 MP credits

  • 575 $ / MP

    (440 € / MP)

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You want to monitor 3 or more types of device


  • 5
  • 3 or 4

  • 1 ticket offered for the first purchase

  • 650 $ / MP

    (500 € / MP)

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You need one or two management pack


  • 5
  • 1 or 2

  • 799 $ / MP

    (620 € / MP)

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You just want to give our service a try


Large companies / Service providers

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How do our plans works ?

Buy once, update whenever you need

Generating a management pack with MIB2MP is simple :
  • A management pack generation costs one credit
  • You only pay when you generate your management pack for the first time.
  • You can then update your project and re-generate it whenever you want : it’s free.
  • A management pack is intended to work on one single Management Group (i.e. one SCOM instance). Once the target management group is set, it cannot be modified.
How can I test my project before using a generation credit?
  • The MIB2MP Studio includes a built-in SNMP test module that helps you to validate your project items directly against your network devices.
  • You can also try the generator by using one the 5 free trial management pack that are available for each account

Support offer

If you need a specific assistance while building your management pack, our support can answer your questions and help you to solve your issues.
Our 2 hours support tickets are available for all our plans :
  • The support ticket regular price is 325 $
  • Each started hour is due.
  • Price may vary depending on the chosen plan. See the plan’s matrix for more information.

Trial Management Packs

You can try the MIB2MP service for free by using the trial management pack feature.
A trial management is a management pack that contains the following features :
  • It cannot be used in a production environment.
  • It can only include one instance of each project’s item types (alert, event and performance rules + trap and probe monitors)